Towards clean drinking water

Where do we stand for

FloorGhana is a foundation aiming for small-scale projects in developing countries. The foundation applies its contacts, sources, information and knowledge to help improve the human and social wellbeing of the population of less well-off countries. A Ghana where people have access to clean drinking water and education, where women are equal, and people can live in financial security.

We want to improve the living conditions in Ghana. We do this through small-scale projects, where every donated euro can be traced and is used for the charity. These projects are very transparent and have a measurable effect as well as local ownership. The basis of improvement is clean drinking water which is being followed by economic, educational and agricultural development in order to grow out of financial uncertainty.

Our projects

With help from our local partner Pumping is Life Ghana Opens a new window we look for the right community. After an extensive geological survey, the drilling for water is started. Ownership of the pump is then transferred to a local water board committee, which monitors and maintains the pump. The community pays the water board committee with a tax of $ 1 per month so that it can continue to maintain the pump.

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